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I share my professional experience as a Children’s Therapist, Educator, Trainer and I am a Mom  helping you strengthen your connection with your child & teen, confidently manage challenging behaviours feel less stress and more well-being.

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Hello, I’m Eithne Drinan

Children's Therapist, Online Parenting Support Specialist, Trainer and I am a Mom.

I am an Online Parenting Support Specialist,  Trainer, I run a Children’s Therapy private practice in Clonakilty, West Cork, Ireland and I am a Mom. Since  2006 I have worked with hundreds of children and teenagers 1:1 in my child-centered Play Therapy practice and helped thousands of families in workshops, webinars and speaking engagements. I deliver online training to schools as part of continuing professional development (CPD), organizations and workplaces. I am a regular contributor to RTE Radio. If you would like to view the full details of my education and work simply click on the LinkedIn button.

My online 1:1 Parenting  Specialist Support offers guidance and support to parents from the comfort of home. In this space I build a connection and a safe trusting relationship with parents. I listen to your story, help you identify where you need to make changes, and show you how to implement the changes and support you feel more confident in your parenting. 
With me in your corner as your child parent relationship expert you are getting access to my decades experience as a children’s therapist working with parents and children, my international teaching experience and if needs be I’ll share my Momma Bear Stripes!


Success Stories

"Eithne's passion and enthusiasm for her work and the genuine care and welfare for children always shone through”.

While underlying a certificate in therapeutic play skills I was fortunate enough to have Eithne as my clinical supervisor. As my supervisor Eithne was calm, supportive and understanding. She had an innate ability in holding the space during sessions and in containing the process. Eithne provided honest and clear feedback on aspects of my practice and performance which I believe improved my ability to identify and enhance my own work as a practitioner and to acquire the attitudes, skills and knowledge required in my role. Eithne’s passion and enthusiasm for her work and the genuine care and welfare for children always shone through during our meetings. I have no hesitation in recommending Eithne as a play therapist supervisor.

"She built up a therapeutic relationship with school, always so child centered, I have recommended Eithne to friends and family".

Eithne is a kind and caring professional. She is extremely child centered. Eithne build up a fantastic therapeutic relationship with my son and got to know about all the family during the sessions. My son himself would give Eithne a 5 star review. I have recommended Eithne and play therapy to friends and family. As a health care worker myself i have recommended Eithne to my own clients. Eithne was always on the other side of the phone if needed. She built up a therapeutic relationship with school and was always so child centered. My son still speaks about Eithne because of her kindness. Over all I would give Eithne a 5 star review. She is a pure lady.

Why I do what I do!

Having a solid emotional connection in our childhood with a trusted adult is the cornerstone of our well being in life.  Add to this the reality that we all bring ‘stuff’, issues and for some of us trauma to our relationships with our children.  What a time to live in where we  have this knowledge and ability to process and heal.  I walk and witness parents like you do this work, one hour, one day and one brave step at a time.  I am on a mission to share this life changing, life shaping and life transforming information.  Let’s re-ignite, re-connect and enjoy being in a relationship with our children!
As my family grew these programmes were created, incubated and percolated. I am now in a place now that I can design and deliver this knowledge online underpinned by scientific research and use technology in a positive way to reach more parents, professionals and more people!
This is the place and space where I share and weave my professional experience as a Children’ s Therapist,  Parenting Support Specialist, Trainer and a Mom with you. It is a space for you to get expert help to support you strengthen your connection with your child & teen, confidently manage challenging behaviours and support you create well-being and less stress in your family, schools, workplaces, communities and in our world.
If my work and how I work is a match for what you need help with I would love to hear from you.

Until then, take care. 



My online 1:1 Specialist Parenting Support  is designed and created for parents  by my decades of clinical experience of working with parents and children.  My 3 month North Star Programme  and Mamma Bear Programmes  help you to support your child & teen’s well-being, guide you to re-ignite your connection and more confidently manage challenging behaviours from the comfort, privacy and safety of your home. 

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