Play Therapy FAQ’s

Most frequent questions and answers

Play Therapy is an effective form of therapy for children with a wide range of emotional and behavioural difficulties including depression, anxiety, aggression and issues relating to difficult life experiences such as abuse, bereavement and loss, family breakdown / separation, domestic violence and trauma.

Children use play as a form of communication in everyday life. In Play Therapy children use play to express themselves. Children enter into a dynamic relationship with the play therapist, which enables them to express, explore and make sense of their difficult and painful life experiences.

This is a face to face meeting when you are beginning process of Play Therapy for your child/teen.  Meeting lasts 1 hr 30 mins. If possible I meet both parents.  Child and Teen Therapy is both a financial and emotional commitment.

If you and I agree to work together, a contract is signed. Next we arrange a time for a home visit where I meet your child/teen in your home. We book your child/teen’s sessions – they are the same time and day each week.  I need you to wait in the waiting room while your child or teen is in their therapy session. Most parents enjoy our complimentary cuppa and a snack!

ncluded is the option to email me weekly on how your child/teen is progressing. Be sure to send this 48 hrs before your child and teen’s session so that I can read it. 10 minute phone support is included between each session and must be used between sessions.
I invite both parents to attend. 99% of parents and their partners I work with attend an Initial Assessment Meeting. In the case of divorce, domestic violence, some illnesses attendance by both parents may not be possible.

It’s best that we speak on the phone to see if what I offer is a match for what you need. Next arrange an Initial Assessment Meeting where we meet in my practice face to face in Clonakilty, West Cork, Ireland.

I allocate 1 hr and 30 mins to meet, build up a rapport thereby creating an opportunity to build trust and a working relationship.

A home visit is where you’ll introduce me to your child/teen.  You will have explained to your child/teen that you have met me, what I do, how sessions work and name the reason why you are choosing therapy. We’ll cover all that at your Initial Assessment Meeting.

Both parents do not need to be at home for a home visit. Though I adore dogs and am an animal lover, please have them indoors – I have been bitten at a home visit!

Meeting me face to face gives your child/teen a chance to meet this person named Eithne who is a therapist (play). Your child and teen’s home visit is important as it is the beginning steps in building a therapeutic relationship with your child/teen.  I learn lots about the connection between you both!

Therapy is booked in blocks. A block is 5 sessions of therapy and week 6 is your update meeting. There is no session that week for your child. Teenagers have the option to attend last 10 mins of your update meeting. All therapy sessions and update meetings are 6o mins and I work another 45 mins before and after each of your child or teen’s hour long session. Fee is €595.

In the case of divorce, domestic violence, overseas work and some illnesses attendance by both parents may not be possible.  I need one parent who can emotionally support the therapeutic process.

Right now, we send you a link via email to pay. Please note we are using SumUP which has a fee of 2.95% plus .25c. Once you have paid you can schedule.

We’ll email you a link.  Simply click on link to pay.  Please note SumUP has a fee of 2.95% plus .25c.

FAQ’s Online 1:1 Specialist Parenting Support

Most frequent questions and answers

This is not therapy. Online 1:1 Parenting Specialist  Support is created especially for busy committed parents who need help connecting with their child /teen and want to feel more confident and less stressed in managing their child’s challenging behaviours. Other parents need help  dealing with a challenging situation in your child’s life. In this place, your space there is zero judgement and we meet on Zoom.

Email me and I will invoice you.  Once payment is processed, I will send available times and days that we meet.  In this programme we meet every second week. 

Email me and I will invoice you.  Once payment is processed, I will send available times and days that we meet.  In this programme we meet every second week. 

Yes, €100 payable when you are booking all services.  

Yes, I know how busy you are, I will send a reminder email.

I am 100% online since outbreak of Covid 19.

I block off our various leaves on our site calendar getting it right most of the time!

Yes, email me and I will arrange a test run, it’ll only take 60 seconds.  In the meantime read the next question and have Zoom installed on the device you are going to use when we meet online.

  • Join Audio / Mute: You will see this in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
  • Important! If it says “Join Audio” please click / tap on this and then tap again on the text box to allow access to your audio. This means you will be able to hear the trainer and ask questions.  You can then click this button to mute / un mute your audio during the course.
  • Start video / stop video.  This allows you to be visible during the course via your webcam / device camera.  If you do not want to be visible click stop video. If you want to be visible click start video. Note – you do not need a webcam to work with us online.

I have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  Failure to do so results in you being charged 100% cost of your deposit. I will invoice you asking for deposit top up €100 which needs to be paid before your next session. If your deposit remains unused during sessions, I will refund it when we are finished working together!

No.  Payment is paid in full at time of booking

In the event of sudden illness, family emergency and I need to cancel I will contact you by email. Please email back to let me know you are aware of my cancellation. Your session will be re-scheduled as soon as I can.

 Right now all my work is 100% online.

Yes, here are directions for installing and using Zoom.

Disclaimer: I am using Zoom conferencing software, which has over 200 million users worldwide to deliver this service.  I follow all of Zoom’s guidelines to ensure your privacy during this service and you can read more about privacy and security by visiting this page on Zoom’s website:   As with any software that you install on your device you are doing so at your own risk and you should, of course, read all their terms and conditions before you install the software.

Please ensure you download and install the software BEFORE this service.

Can you please ensure that you install the Zoom software on the device that you will be using to access the service.

  • I strongly recommend that you use a laptop/computer because the large the screen the better the experience
  • You will also need a strong internet connections (so maybe ask family members to stop ‘gaming/streaming’ while you are online with me.

PC/Laptop: Click here and then near the top of the page click on the button that says “Download” under Zoom Client for Meetings.

Iphone/Ipad: When you are using your device to the app store and search for Zoom Meetings and then download the zoom app – or click on this link. if you are reading this on your apple device and it will take you to the app in the app store.

Android phones / tablets:   When you are using your device go to the Playstore and search for Zoom Meetings and then download the zoom app or click on this link. if you are reading this on your apple device and it will take you to the app in the Playstore.

How to access the meeting

  1. Ten minutes prior to the start of the meeting please open (double click on) the Zoom software on your PC or (tap the Zoom app icon) on your phone / tablet.

Then click on this link send in your email and it should bring you to this meeting.

  1. If the link for some reason doesn’t work, open the Zoom app / software and then…
  • Enter the meeting ID which is in your email.
  • Then enter the meeting password also in your email.
  • You will then see a screen telling you that the meeting host will admit you to the room shortly.

FAQ’S Parent Membership

Most frequent questions and answers
We get you are busy being a parent and working. Most of our content is in healthy bite sized nuggets and easy to digest.

Yes, Eithne is trained to help with all stages of your child’s development from newborn to 16 years.

Eithne runs webinars on this stage of development including tips on toddler tantrums, devices. Myths and common expectations of dread at this stage of development are examined and re-adjusted.

If you’ve decided that the Your Flourishing Child and Parent membership is not for you, please email us at  Membership is non-refundable.

Yes you’ll be able to pull on some aspects. Webinars are run for parents with special needs. Keep an eye out on your Inbox.

LIVE webinars are held monthly and include a LIVE Q&A. The recording for each session will be made available within 48 hours, so if you can’t make it to the live session you won’t miss out on a thing.

Webinar tickets will be available to purchase for €49 plus processing fee for those who aren’t members.

  • A monthly LIVE Webinar including LIVE Q&A.
  • Weekly how to email including videos.
  • Let’s Play! How to videos with tips and tricks from Eithne to help you practically apply the joy of re-discovering play as an adult and build your connection daily thru play from newborn to Pre-Teen.
  • Thriving Teen Zone: Myths are de-bunked as you learn about your Teen’s Brain Development and better understand their behaviours and feelings.
  • Podcasts: Daily parenting challenges are compassionately discussed by Eithne and other experts
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