Parent Membership

Parent Membership

Helping busy parents support their child and teens well-being and manage challenging behaviours from the privacy and comfort of home. Re-igniting your connection with your child & teen with respect, empathy, & a dollop of child development!

Why you should join

Parent Membership will benefit you if...

Support & advise you can trust

First class help from an Educator, Trainer, Child & Teen Play Therapist & a Mom.

Grounded in child development, child-centered play therapy and backed by research and nuero-science.

Un-ruffled reassurance

Being a parent can sometimes feel a little over-whelming, lonely and sometimes un-natural.  Not anymore – I’m here to help.

Ready to

Want to feel less stress and confident in managing your child or teen’s challenging behaviours? I help you strengthen your connections and guide you create opportunities for well-being in your family.

Parent Membership Features

Weekly Emails:

No parent gets it right 100%.   Child parent relationships try the calmest, coolest and compassionate of parents as they support their child or teen reach their unique potentials.
When you become a member, you will receive a weekly email with short, easy-to-do tips and lots of how to videos to help lighten some of your parenting daily dilemmas.
Here are just some of the topics we cover:

Live Webinars:

Join Eithne’s regular webinars about current parenting issues and everyday family challenges.
Here are just some of the topics we cover:

Thriving Teen Zone:

Myths are de-bunked as you learn about your Teen’s Development and better understand your Teens’ behaviours and feelings. Gain insight into device use and teen life skills.

Let’s Play!

Re-discover your child’s language play, connect and learn how to play! Use these new play skills to help you manage regular childhood behaviours challenges; anxiety, independence, whining, outbursts, sibling rivalry and more. Bite size nuggets of information and how to videos underpinned by research, nuero-science, child-centered play therapy and therapeutic theories.

Parent monthly Membership

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